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    What is InDesign's equivalent of Quark's Smart Fit?


      Our newspaper has been using Quark for many years now in conjunction with APT's Falcon Editorial.


      We recently switched to InDesign and cannot find any function that acts as Quark's Smart Fit feature did. Smart Fit would automatically adjust the spacing of text in a text box (without changing its size, etc.) in order to make the text align flush with the bottom of the frame- obviously vital when creating newspaper pages where space cannot be dictated by length of text.


      We can find no such function in InDesign. It would seem like Object/Fitting/Fit Content to Frame would be the winner, right? InDesign won't allow us to select that option for a text box. Barring that, the closest thing we've found is Auto-Size under Text Frame Options, but that resizes the frame rather than adjusting the text to fit, which is not an option.


      Why is the Fit Content to Frame option unavailable for text, and what are we missing here?