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    Lightroom giving me verticle lines in square shapes CC

    Justin Steindel

      Here is my issue, I have a NVidia GTX 960 4G RAM, Intel i7-4790k and 16GB ram running on ASUS z97-A-USB3.1 Mobo on Windows 10 Professional.

        A few months ago I started getting these random squares willed with purplish vertical lines when in develop mode they shift when i adjust anything in the program.  Sometimes they go away if i make ever so slight adjustments but they show up when i view the exported picture.  I have an Identical Graphix card in my other computer so i swapped them out and i get the same issue on this computer with the other card.  My card on the other computer is just fine.  When i go to preferences it tells me that my graphix card has been disabled due to errors(both cards on this computer, not on the other). 


      1. I have formatted my HD and reinstalled windows 10

      2. changed slots that my graphics card sits in and am still having the same issue. 

      3. Upgraded my monitor to a dell 4k

      4. Obviously had to reinstall Video card drivers after fresh OS install.

      5. Ran Windows Memory test and it came up clean

      6. Took out one at a time each of my sticks of ram and ran them individually to see if the problem resolved itself.


      Anyone have any good ideas what else i might try?