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    Check to see if image is fully loaded

      Hello Everyone,
      I have some images, and I would like to make sure they are all loaded before taking down the waiting screen and moving on the next stage in the application. The images are swfs , and I like the way swfs can be resized and still look great compared to jpegs , gifs and the like. I usually do something like this (warning code may not be correct)

      var image:Image = new Image();
      image.source = "assets/image.swf";

      then I proceed from there. However when looking at online docs , many people use a Loader/URLLoader class object and then add that object to the application as a child "addChild(ldrObject)" when the EVENT.Complete listener fires. Is there a way that I can download my swfs, and keep them as the image source without bitmapping them to some predetermined size and losing quality ?