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    Intellectual Property Violation

    marliton Adobe Community Professional

      Hi. These 2 images were refused because "Intellectual Property Violation" but I don't see anything unusual and of course, are my photographs.


      Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.20.27 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.21.02 PM.png

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          @Marlon the buildings in the top image are clearly identifiable and as private property you would need to obtain a property release signed by the owners before you can sell images of the property for commercial use. In the same image, the name of the boat is also visible and identifiable therefor a property release would be required for that as well.


          The boat in the lower image is identifiable by the name on the side. Try cloning it out and resubmit. You may find a better result.


          Good luck!


          Mat Hayward

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            marliton Adobe Community Professional

            Thanks for the clarification! I'll correct the boat image.

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              I have the same issue. I have an image of the interior dome of St Peter's cathedral in Rome.  It was rejected for Intellectual Property Violation. I searched Adobe Stock and found 3 pages of images with similar content, all from the interior of the cathedral. Not at all sure why mine was rejected. Any ideas or comments?



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                I have an idea.

                My question is who are the people scanning and judging  these images and make the decision to approve or reject an image.

                It seems to me, and I might be wrong (I'm hedging here) that in order to understand the intrinsic value of an image one has to be part of culture.

                I know I'm stepping into a landmine field. I'll give you an example. I submitted 4 images of scenes from Old  Jerusalem.


                1. Omar Dome image - was approved

                2. Omar Dome illustration - was approved

                3. Tower of David image - was rejected

                4. Tower of David illustration - was approved


                I created the illustrations using certain filters in Adobe Photoshop, the contents are exactly the same!

                The tower of David on the Old Jerusalem wall was built 500 years ago!

                My portfolio includes plenty of historical sites and buildings in mane countries.Go figure.

                  Omar Dome (Approved)                         Omar Dome illustration  (Approved)



                Tower of David - Illustration   (approved)    Tower of David - Image (rejected)