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    Call an activeX control

      Forgive me if I'm unclear about anything...

      I'm trying to incorporate some phone dialer software into a CF application I'm in the process of building. Basically, on my webpage, the user will click an icon and the software should automatically call the person they are viewing, from the user's extension.

      The phone software tech guy told me I need to access an OCX file on our web server for this to happen, and I need to send several variables. Their help file states:

      The PhoneManager ActiveX can be embedded into any application that can support an ActiveX control (e.g. VB, Microsoft Access, Oracle Forms, ASP).

      My question is, how do I embed this activeX control? cfobject? (never used it before) or another function? I feel like I'm missing something fairly general here but I have no idea how to proceed. Thanks for any help or suggestions!