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    All newbies?


      I'm confused.  I am just testing the waters with stock photography. I've had a few images accepted by Adobe and some rejected for various reasons.  The email with the rejections has a link to this forum.  But, it seems there is very little here and those who are posting aren't getting their questions answered by anyone with experience. I know I certainly can't answer questions about intellectual property!  Am I missing something?  Are there other discussions elsewhere? 

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          I'm with you on this.

          The whole business of reasons for rejection is a mystery and inconsistent. I've had images rejected for intellectual property reasons, artefacts and non compliancy reasons.

          To be honest I'm beginning to think I've wasted enough time on this Image library and will probably give up and concentrate on those that have accepted my images.

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            ruthb92651827 Level 1

            What I was expecting was that someone INSIDE Adobe would monitor the forum and clarify reasons for rejections -- particularly for those who have had their work rejected for intellectual property and non-compliancy reasons.  I'm new to stock photography (although I've thought about it before -- years ago) and thought that Adobe would be the best place to start.  I'll hang in there for a while but may also explore other options.

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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the feedback everyone. Due to the need for timely reviews, the moderation team is not able to provide specific, detailed feedback on each image they review. This forum was created as a place to upload your content and receive constructive criticism from your peers. I am checking in as often as I can also and will do my best to answer your questions. While certain things such as intellectual property violations can be very tangible and easy to identify, other rejection reasons such as "technical flaws" or "artifacts" may be considered as a subjective review topic. It's helpful to get an outside opinion from someone that wasn't involved in the process of creating the content. I'm my own worst critic when it comes to my personal work, I always value the opinion of others.


              Again, I'm happy to chime in where I can. I would like to encourage you all to offer your opinion as well.


              Kind regards,


              Mat Hayward

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                Hi Mat,


                It is a bit frustrating to someone like me, starting out and wanting to learn. I submitted two photos of myself, both with model releases, and both were rejected for "Non Compliant Content". I've reviewed the rules. No brands are showing. Can you please let me know what is non-compliant? I don't want to show photos, get releases, submit and have them rejected without knowing why on these first ones.

                I appreciate your help.



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                  MatHayward Adobe Employee



                  When you first submitted the images you were sent a notification that the model release was invalid. It looks like you resent the images with the same release so the images were rejected due to the lack of compliance with our rules and requirements for a model release. To be specific, the witness signature on your release is dated a week after you signed it. The witness must actually witness the signing of the release, therefor the dates must match.


                  You can find additional details about our requirements for releases here: https://helpx.adobe.com/stock/contributor/legal.html


                  Legal Guidelines for Adobe Stock Contributor program

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                    DivineView Level 1

                    Tremendously helpful! thanks so much. I'll correct the model release and resubmit my photos.

                    thanks so much for the prompt and specific answer. I'm impressed!

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                      DivineView Level 1



                      I have a question that I cannot find an answer to regarding the Adobe Stock Model Release, where it says "attach visual reference of the model'.  I assume this means a photo (not the one submitted to Stock) of the model.

                      Just thinking through the logistics of this; if I'm doing street photography, obtain permission from a person to use their photo, have them sign the release (witnessed of course!) I also must take a head shot of them and print it out to be included with the release form?


                      Or am I missing something?



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                        MatHayward Adobe Employee

                        The visual reference is optional so if it's inconvenient don't worry about it. You could simply paste the image you captured for stock of the model there also. It's an informal reference point and does not have to be a head shot.



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                          DivineView Level 1

                          thanks again

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                            DivineView Level 1



                            I resubmitted these two photos, with a new model release and they were once again rejected. One for 'out of focus' (and here I thought soft focus was a good thing!) and the other was once more, for Intellectual Property Violation. Not arguing with the first reason, but in trying to conquer this learning curve, what is the intellectual property violation?


                            Thanks much

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                              DivineView Level 1

                              I resubmitted both photo's and both were rejected again.

                              The first for 'blurriness' (And this is one of my most popular shots!)

                              and the second for Intellectual Property Violation. Not arguing with the first reason, but in trying this learning curve, what specifically is the IP Violation?



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                                MatHayward Adobe Employee

                                I'm not sure, possibly a visible brand name on the jacket when viewed at 100%? Did you add a trademarked keyword or title word? What is the image number? I'll take a look.

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                                  DivineView Level 1

                                  Is the image number the same as the file number? Try this ...File ID: 141397667

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                                    DivineView Level 1

                                    Good morning Mat,


                                    I gave you the image number as you requested (see above). Did you get a chance to look?


                                    Thanks much



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                                      MatHayward Adobe Employee

                                      Yes, I did...sorry for the delayed answer. The moderation team supervisor overruled the decision and put the file online.


                                      Have a great day!



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                                        DivineView Level 1

                                        Great! That helps me know for future submissions. Once more, your help is appreciated. Have a good one.  C