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    Exporting a catalog from laptop -> USB drive ... handling multiple subfolders


      I have a catalog on my laptop with a bunch of subfolders, like this:



         1 - London

         2 - Paris

         3 - Madrid

         ...  a *bunch* of these!


      I'm trying to export the catalog and move all the .CR2 files onto a USB drive so I can merge it with another catalog and archive it on my main PC.   However, every time I export, the catalog on the USB drive still references all the image files on the first drive, so I get little exclamation-point metadata errors on the thumbnails when I open the exported catalog on HomePC.


      Of course, lightroom is pretty smart.  If I show it where ONE of the images are, it finds ALL THE OTHER IMAGES *in the same folder*.    This is great... but it doesn't solve my problem completely because there are like 18 subfolders.   I would really love to not have to do that 18 times.


      THE QUESTION:  Is there some way I can move/export a whole *sub-tree* and not have to teach Lightroom 18 times where each subdirectory is?




      ps - I've NOT checked "export negative files" because I've assumed this will create DNGs ... and I'd prefer just to keep the CR2s and XMPs I already have with the subfolders I already have. (maybe I'm using that wrong?)