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    Slideshow hanging (solution)


      I wanted to create a slideshow but it hanged immediately, whether trying the preview or play. After trying a lot of things, I noticed the culprit is the "zoom to fill frame" option. If it is deactivated, no problem whatsoever, but as soon as it is selected, impossible to see the preview or play.


      Now, one of the most important reasons I want to use that option is because I add a watermark to my slideshows. Unfortunately, though, the watermark's position is not fixed to the slideshow, but to each individual picture. As long as all your pictures are the same size, it's ok, but if they are not (for instance, you have both landscape and portrait pictures), the watermark's size and position changes according to each picture's size. The only way to avoid that and keep the watermark unchanged is to use "zoom to fill". Of course, it's not ideal because you won't see full portait images. It would be nice if the watermark could be fixed to the slideshow window.


      So, back to the slideshow hanging, there are 2 workarounds:

      1. Deactivate the "zoom to fill frame" option. Obviously not the best choice, since you wouldn't get the desired result.

      2. Export you slideshow. Indeed, while you can't preview it within Lightroom, there is no problem to export the final file. It is quite annoying and takes a lot of time if you have to make multiple changes after reviewing the slideshow, but at least, you'll get what you want. What I do now is turn "zoom to fill frame" off while I'm still working on it (tweaking options, changing pictures order, etc...) then turn it on again just before exporting for a full preview (which might also be the final file).


      This might not resolve all problems with slideshow hanging, but I hope it helps some of you.


      Note: I use Lightroom CC (2015.7)

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          I've also had this problem.  After updating every possible driver, display driver etc it still crashes even if I uncheck "zoom to fill frame" and even "pan and zoom".


          However - I never thought of just exporting it which it's now doing so at least I've got a product for my client!  c'mon Adobe fix this! (don't blame it on drivers, i7 with 2gb graphic card all up dated still does it!).

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            Terry_Straehley Level 1

            I also had a problem with the slide show hanging on making preview for slide #2. Reading this, I unchecked Zoom to fill frame and the slideshow ran.  It was even large enough that it was usable.  However, the Zoom to fill frame problem still needs to be fixed.

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              But I don't have the zoom to fill ticked and it stills hangs...

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                When it is time to preview my slideshow everything works well, even the zoom to fill frame, as long as I don't add music!!

                I can't preview or play the slideshow with music.

                Lightroom version 2015.8

                Imac / El Capitan

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                  Tom E P

                  I have experiences the same for years.  For me unchecking the " zoom to fill frame" solves the problem in most cases, but as you say this is highly unsatifactorely.  I end up making slideshows in other programmes very time.

                  Adobe, this has been a problem for ages. Please sort out!

                  Feature suggestions for future releases:

                  - Possibility to individually adjust duration of some selected slides only

                  - Possibility to individually adjust pan & zoom setting of some selected slides only

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                    And so, I finally started using the slideshow just to figure it out I can't use the "zoom to fill frame" option.  what can I do then? i don't want my slides to show halfway, or with black border ....



                    i think its funny how this thread come as "solved" or answered... when there is no fix for the problem. haha come on Adobe... sort this "*&^%$"  out, please !



                    Edit: using 2015.9 release.

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                      Mr.Gort Level 1

                      Just a quick update...

                      after spending about4 hours, and never getting away from the problem, basically, almost ALL of my other folders or collection, i could create a slideshow on LR with the zoom to fill the frame option ticked... but not the wedding folder i had needed to . (as usual)


                      if anyone reads this and you really want to have those options (pan and zoom & zoom to fill the frame) on , i managed to get around to it, by exporting in JPGs (full resolution) and re importing to LR. then i was able to make my slideshow. (that doesn't make any sense to me, but it worked. )



                      Anyway, just thought i would share.



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                        Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        This is a known issue when using portrait and landscape image files with 'Zoom to Fill Frame' checked in the Slideshow module. The only solution is to close and reopen LR,which should now allow the 'Export Video Slideshow' operation to complete. Adobe has acknowledged the issue and is working on a solution:


                        Lightroom: Will not export both portrait and landscape oriented pictures as a slideshow video in 720 or 1080 | Photoshop…