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    Zero denominator in ratio multiply (17 :: 17)




      I'm using After Effects CS6 and suddenly have an issue with rendering.


      1920x1080 size to MPEG4

      When I set up the format from AVI to MPEG4, I can find the warning on the bottom.


      Warning : Output file will be resized from 1920x1080 (1.00 PAR) to 176 x 120 (1.21 PAR) to meet format constraints.

      Warning: Frame rate of output file will be adjusted from 30 to 15 fps to meet format constraints. Audio my not synchronize.


      At first, I ignored and I got the renderings.


      Then I tried few more times to get a better quality or something.

      It showed up zero denominator in ratio multiply (17 :: 17) and I can't rendering anymore..


      I don't know what the problem is and can't find the solution.

      I tried rebut the computer.


      Is this a computer problem? or I made up something wrong?

      Please help me !~~



      Processor: Intel Core i5-6600 CPU @ 3.30GHz

      RAM: 8.00GB

      System type : 64 bit