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    "Adobe InDesign CC stopped working"... cannot even open the program?



      (Firstly, sorry for my english, I'm trying my best to make this clear)


      So, I have this 1 year Creative Cloud contract that includes all Adobe programs. All of them work properly except InDesign, which I can not even open: it only says, "Adobe InDesign CC 2015 stopped working. Windows closes the program and notifies if there's a solution for the problem" (or something like that).


      I really don't know what to do, never have had this problem before and I really need to get things done with InDesign...


      - logged out of my Creative Cloud account

      - Updated my computers operating system

      - Updated InDesign

      - Downloaded Dreamwiever (someone advised doing this, don't know why, but I tried!)


      If anyone knows anything that could help me, please leave a comment. Thank you!