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    LR Update - Where are the image numbers and the unrated filter in grid view?


      Hi Adobe Team,


      I have updated my LR to the most recent update (2015.7/ Build 1090788) which looks great, but... I am having some problems with the changes that is now affecting my workflow.


      1 - Where is the image numbering system in GridView?

           I have looked at each individual option in the 'Library View Options' [COMMAND + J] but the image count for the selected view isn't available as an option.

           For example, the previous version would count the images in the grid view, regardless of the selection filter applied (one star, five stars, unrated, etc...) which was          

           very useful for me. How can I get this back?


      2 - The filter options have all gone. Do I have to manually create each filter option manually?

           Eg, filter unrated images preset.


      Please help! Thank you