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    Exporting interactive PDF with double page spreads and keeping page numbers


      Hi there,


      I have a print book which has a lot of double page spreads (photos).


      I am currently converting it to an eBook and have come across a stumbling block.


      I want to be able to export the book as spreads, so the double page spreads line up seemlessly and show the full photo. However, I want to be able to have page numbers as if they were single pages. (The same as the print book).


      The problem I'm having is the book is 400 pages, but when exported as spreads it comes down to 200 pages. This obviously messes up my table of contents and page numbering throughout the book etc. People won't be able to navigate easily, even though I have included hyperlinks and bookmarks.


      Is there an easy way around this?


      I've tried exporting as single pages and using DC to change the default view, but when removing gaps it leaves the dotted line which looks horrible.


      I hope someone can help me and stop me from pulling my hair out.