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    Some sort of issue with versioning... are packages not updating?

    mattk61137503 Level 1

      My project has gone through many version in the past year. The current version in stores is 1.8.7.


      I'm looking at Phonegap Build and it says the current version is 1.1.7. I used the QR Scanner to download to my iPad as a test and it is indeed a very old version. I looked at my www.zip to see if it was somehow an old version (not really possible) and it's definitely not. The version number shows 1.8.8 in the config and all the HTML is different.


      I have no idea why Phonegap Build is sending down this really old version. I haven't changed anything significant in the past week or more. Just some general markup changes and a version increase. I was also having issues with corrupt packages on Android earlier (https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2213956) and I'm thinking maybe it's trying to downgrade due to this same issue.


      Anyone else confirm?