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    acting like parallax !


      Hi all,


      I tried to view the content of my stage with a different way which is like parallax

      I used the mouse Wheel event and it did great, how ever I still have a problem

      when I use the wheel to play the animation it works

      but when I keep scrolling the wheel it shows the content without logic and the animation shown as it is unrealistic and breakable


      I want a way to make the wheel like seek bar so when I keep scrolling the animation keep playing


      that is the code I used to do so, it only works with Firefox



      $(window).bind("DOMMouseScroll", function(f){        // adding the event

          var delta = f.originalEvent.detail;                           // knowing if the user is scrolling up or down

             if (delta > 0) {                                                      // if the user scrolls down, play the animation




             else if (delta < 0){                                              // if the user scroll up, reverse the animation








         return true;