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    CPU,GPU suggestions for AE/Premiere pro/C4d

    parthibaraj Level 1

      Newbie to animation, with lot of questions on figuring out my work station.I have compiled all my questions.Please help. I am building this PC for a research institute, and I am going to be the only animator at least for few years. Since I am quite new to animation. I*think a 6700k setup will suffice for 2 years to come, till I develop skills that requires even more a high end work station.*



      My usage:

      - Cinema 4D

      - After effects

      - Premiere pro*

      - rendering in all 3 above. I am looking for a CPU & GPU, which is equally good in all 3 softwares above.

      - Zero gaming

      - not done overclocking so far. No plans as of now. I have not ruled out it though. I will take a call based on the discussion.*



      - GTX 970 Is what I have planned for GPU. GTX 970 / 1060 6 GB of same price, whereas 980Ti and  1070 are twice the price. I want my GPU to be able to handle GPU render software, in case If*I opt to go for it.For my usage I dont think SLI will ever come to consideration for 2 years, or is it so?*

      - Will usage of SSD be of any help to reduce render times? If not what is the usage of SSD, apart from quick boot of OS?

      - Thinking of going for a 32 GB RAM on a 64GB motherboard.So that if needed I can increase it later on. Is it ok, if I use only 2 RAM slots for 32 GB RAM? Will it be properly utilized by the softwares and processor?



      My understanding C4D uses CPU for rendering and GPU for viewport performance.*

      I read in CGdirector website that,

      * "Many Cinema 4D features like deformers, generators, cloners, are calculated on the processor using only a single-core. This is where you will want the fastest possible single-core speed. The Intel 4790K and 6700K both have 4 GHz and *some more Turbo GHz to make the viewport as fast as currently possible."*

      - Is this line true? In that case should I go for a*



      * * * ** 1) i7 6700k , inclined more towards this one, price wise and also performance wise it is same as above in most cases.*

      ** * * *2) 3.3 Ghz, 6 core,15MB cache 12 thread i7 -5820k *- bit costlier setup than *i7 6700k. Is it worth it?

      ** * * *3) Or Xeon E5-2670 16 core/32 thread setup.Is it really worth getting this setup? I have to catch someone from my friends who is coming from USA to India, which is possible. My point is like will the performance*better*than i7 6700k for all 3 softwares?



      In what other scenarios having more threads useful for Cinema 4D/AE/Premiere pro?

      Say after 2 years, I need a upgrade in my Processor, which socket is future proof now LGA 2011 v3 or LGA 1151?

      I am already having a i5-4460 /16 GB RAM/ set up, which I can use for team render in C4D along with 6700k.