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    Crash Premiere Elements 12 when connecting to DV source




      I hope I can find some help here. Tried a lot of stuff but nothing works.


      I have Premiere Elements 12 and use the software to capture DV signal from my DataVideo DAC200 (DAC100 MKII). Never had a problem with my system. It worked spotless all the time untill now and I don't know why.


      So The device is running and connected to a firewire card in my desktop PC. Normal, Premiere sees the device and the video signal it gives. But now, when I open the screen to capture video it crashes. Sometimes I can see it sees the device but most of the time it crashes before I see the screen.

      So I thought the device was broken ore something but trying it with some freeware software (WinDV) it worked instantly and I saw the video source. No problem there.


      When the DV device is turned off there is no problem opening the capture window in Premiere Elements. So I was wondering what is going wrong between Premiere and my device?


      I tried several drivers for the FireWire card, even the legacy driver and even some not compatible drivers. Nothing works with Premiere. But the other software (WinDV) has no problems with either of those drivers installed.


      I also tried uninstalling Premiere and install it again. But the problem is still there. Even tried to remove all Adobe software and files on my desktop (but some of them are running in adobe software I can't find to stop...But I think that has nothing to do with Premiere).


      It would be great if someone can help me ore give me some tips to try.




      Here are some pictures:

      The firewire card:



      The crash screen in Premiere:



      No problem here:

      The hardware info: