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    Apply 2 images to new 10-image subscription (with credit)?


      We have always had good luck finding what we need on Adobe Stock for our marketing. I needed 4 images and purchased 2 images separately today for $9.99 each on the Adobe Stock website through our account. Then I saw the offer for the 10 Image per Month subscription, which I purchased and proceeded downloaded the remaining 2 images. I would like to have the first 2 images be applied to this new subscription and receive a refund, or credit for future use, of the 2 single image purchases.


      I would not even ask if we had made the purchases days or even hours apart, but we are talking 15 minutes here (spent reading the fine print of the monthly subscription), so since the purchases were so very close to each other is there anything you can do to help us?


      Support (in India I presume) are going by the book, saying that "two different types of subscriptions cannot be combined" which may right from a technical sense, but who thinks of buying images one-by-one as a subscription to begin with? I hope you can see the sense of my request and help me in some way, since we actually upgraded our "subscription".


      Thank you!