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    Apple TV, Lightroom CC, and Windows


      I'm looking for a way to display my LR photos on my Sony Bravia TV. I've read about LR's integration with Apple TV,b but i can't find much documentation.  I don't own an Apple TV but I'd buy one if it did what I wanted.   Can anyone answer these questions:


      -- will it workl with LR on Windows?

      -- does it support Smart Collections?  i've gotten some indication that it won't. If not, does anyone have a clever way of simulating that?  (e.g., i only want to display photos i've marked as "final" and i have a set of smart collections that filter on that attribute. I suppose one clunky way of doing this is to occasionally copy all the photos in a smart collection to a manual collection)

      -- does it support collection sets? That is, can you tell it to display all photos from a Collection Set and it will display all the photos in all the collections in the set?  Does it support Collection Sets within Collection Sets?

      -- is there some capacity limitation?  I have 40K photos.  I don't really understand if photos are first sent to the cloud or what.


      Thank you. If there's something that explains all this and you can point me to it I will read it.