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    Export SWF files to flattened PDF? How to print the post-"Click to Activate" image?


      I posted this in another community, but didn't get any replies there. Here is a copy of the text:


      Hello everyone,


      There's a lot going on in my situation so I'm just gonna write all information that you might need about where I'm at.


      Operating System: Mac OS X El Capitan

      Software: Acrobat Pro 10.1.16 (old version of Acrobat, I guess) + Acrobat Reader DC (latest)


      - I have an eBook as hundreds of .SWF files. They're meant to be used interactively, but I'm trying to convert them into a single, simple PDF file. They don't have any moving components, just pages of the book on each SWF file.

      - Whenever I open an SWF file, it has a "click to activate" button in the top corner. When I press that, the display of the page changes from the somewhat-poor quality preview to an HD, crisp and clear image. This will be important later on.

      - In an old version of Acrobat Pro that I had installed on my Mac a while ago, I took the SWF files and used Action Wizard to convert them all into PDF files, I then combined all of them into a single PDF binder/file.

      - On Mac, I noticed a problem. The PDF file in Preview is completely blank/white, even though I had converted the files into PDFs. I do not have the problem with other, regular PDFs.

      - Problem is, whenever I open up these converted PDF files, I still get prompted the "Click to Activate" in the top-left. I don't know much about PDFs, but after some searching online I'm assuming this is just a property of an interactive PDF file. Again, the preview is very low quality (and shows a 'play' triangle in the bottom corner), until I press the page, as in "Click to Activate".

      - I then tried using Save As > Images > JPEG, but whenever I did so, the JPEGs that were exported were the low quality preview versions of the file (aka pre-Click to Activate).

      - I did some more searching, and I found to use the Preflight tool and the Flatten feature to turn these interactive (?) PDFs into regular, flattened PDF pages/images. I thought everything was great, until I realized that this, too, only flattened the low quality preview images (I think they're called "posters", I'm not sure). I even tried out Optimized PDF saves, but those did not help out in any way.

      - Finally, I even tried printing out to see what would happen. As expected, the image has poor quality, the text is unreadable and the play button is there. The images didn't even fill the A4 paper, since the preview has that low of a resolution.


      I think that's all there is to say about that. My main questions is how do I save/export the HD versions of the SWF files, the ones displayed after I Click to Activate them? How do at least flatten them first, so then I can batch save them, combine them, etc? Is this something my version of Acrobat Pro and/or Acrobat Reader DC will be able to do? Is this even possible?


      Edit: Apparently, these SWF files and converted PDFs have 3D components to them, some of which are interactive, or something? I do not need them in anyway, just looking to print out the static pages displayed in the SWFs.