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    Timeline Scrubber

      Hi Guys,
      I am in desperate need of a timeline control in the form of a slider bar or similar. All i need it to do is click and drag the slider button to the right and play frames in a movieclip timeline and slide it to the left reverse the animation. on release i just need it to stop on the frame its at.

      I figured this would be easy but as i am a novice i cant work it out. Any help would be appreciated.
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          Well I dont remember everything about what you're trying to do.....
          For starters it depends on what version of flash...or actionscript you using
          then find a tutorial on sliders :D......after you got a working slider on the screen......
          you'll need event handlers to handle scrolling forward and backwards.....and one that updates the position so when you scroll frame advances as you scroll...or slide I should say so it wont just sit there and goto the frame after you release......not that difficult.....but you gotta get the basics down first.....like a working slider...... :D and you gonna uses currentFrame or something like that to keep track of frames
          ......good luck....