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    Colour management error Indesign CC 2015




      I have Indesign CC 2015 installed on my windows 8.1 64bit pc and had this message. I followed all the steps and and the Adobe cleaner worked a charm.


      On my Windows 7 Pro (SP1) 64bit is a completely different story!!


      I have tried everything to fix this but can it jut keeps giving me the Colour management files missing error message.


      I looked in the required folder on my windows 7 and 8.1 and they look totally different. For example on my windows 8.1 there is an icon for all of the applications and says  "InDesign Required Component" under type


      But on my windows 7 pc there is no icon an under type it just says "RPLN File" I take it this is one of the reasons I am getting this message.


      Do I have some sort of file missing from my pc like a Adobe Systems Incorp. DLL File?


      Please Help I am pulling my hair out I have been at this since 2pm this afternoon trying to find a resolution


      Thanks in advance