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    Presenter Green Screen background


      Do certain backgrounds/lighting work better for the Green Screen in Presenter?  I'm about to try the software for the first time. I have a white backdrop screen with softbox lighting on the backdrop and other light on myself.  Is this likely to lead to good results, or does backdrop and traditional screen lighting have different impact in this environment?  Are any backdrop colors better or worse for high level end product?

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          sichinain Level 1



          Prima facie, your setup sounds good and should be able to give you a good quality output. The quality of the output depends on the interplay between the colours in the foreground and the colours in the background. In general, a solid coloured background against a sufficiently contrasting foreground should give you a good output.


          Before you start the recording, Presenter Video Express will give you a preview of what your 'Green Screen' output will look like. You can use this preview screen to see if you want to tweak anything with your setup.



          As an illustration, I am adding two videos I quickly created right now. The first one is a video with my original background intact where you can see the setup I am using ( a plain white pillar at my workplace and some regular ceiling lights) and the second video is the output I could achieve with this.


          Video without background replaced:

          Background replacement with Adobe Presenter Video Express - Video 1 - YouTube

          Video with background replaced:

          Background replacement with Adobe Presenter Video Express - Video 2 - YouTube



          Although the the backdrop illustrated in the video does not have the best/recommended conditions for the feature (the lighting is not uniform, there are a few shadows, there is some clutter in the background), it does seem to work well mostly.

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            online321 Level 1

            Thank you for your response and your video link.  Appreciated!  I will give it a go with my white cloth backdrop with typical studio light setup. 


            My end goal, in the green screen, is just to have different solid color backgrounds. I'm hoping this will work and instead of having to purchase and change lots of actual backdrops, I can just go with the white backdrop and use the presenter green screen feature to swap background solid colors as appropriate for my situation. 


            To do this, is there a recommend file size and format I should be using to create the background solid colors images for Presenter? (i.e., jpg of x dimensions, tiff of x dimensions, etc).

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              RicherRags Adobe Employee

              Hello Steve

              The backgrounds shipped with the product are all 1280 X 720 pixels, so you can try the same.

              If you would like to experiment a bit more, you may want to check out the video loops as well that we ship with the product for the backgrounds. Even they are 1280 X 720 pixels, at a frame rate of 15 FPS.