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    Font bug (?) converting to PDF

    bilglas Level 1

      Using latest InDesign CC on a Win10 desktop. Very simple job: design, PDF to client ... make changes, revised PDF to client, etc. Something weird happened in the latest PDF: The top sample (below) is what it SHOULD look like ... as it did in the first two or three exported PDFs. But this latest PDF looked like that second sample ... the "P" in "Policy" and "Washington, DC" are the wrong font, size and/or color.


      When I saw this, I went back to InDesign to see if I could figure out what happened ... not a single clue. Nothing I could find that could've caused this. So I just retyped that two-line subhead, saved, and output to PDF again ... which fixed it.


      So, this kinda scares me! I don't know why it happened, but I've gotta find a way to prevent this, or I'm in deep doo-doo. Would be grateful for anybody's thoughts on this ... thanks!


      PS: If you KNOW the solution to this, and it includes "reinstall Windows" .... ehhh, no thanks!

      funky fonts.png

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sometimes a glitch is just a glitch.

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            bilglas Level 1

            I share that philosophy wholeheartedly, Bob. However, sometimes a glitch is something that CAN be avoided, if I always remember to check the "No Glitch" box, or if I sing "Proud Mary" before opening the PDF. My entire career is creating PDFs from InDesign. If this glitch persists, life could get ugly ... uh, uglier.


            Anybody else?? (Please??)

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              Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

              What app are you using to view the PDF?

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                Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                Do you have the PDF that is incorrect along with a correct version, and able to share?

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                  bilglas Level 1

                  The error was there in both the latest versions of Acrobat and Reader.


                  The errors in the sample provided earlier ... don't have that anymore; wish I did. However, when I corrected THAT file, I missed ONE similar error on the same page. Below is a link to the PDF with that ONE remaining font bug. It's in the fourth entry on the "timeline" ... where it says "1986-1992:" ... the 2 is the wrong font. (I know this example looks like it could be "pilot error" ... it isn't.)


                  Thanks for caring, Jeffrey!


                  CAREER TIMELINE c.pdf - Google Drive

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                    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    It could be a corrupt font on your system.


                    Or the file itself could be corrupt - and you fix minor corruption by exporting your InDesign file to an IDML file.


                    Open the IDML file (opens as untitled) and save as a new file name.

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                      Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                      I had kind of those problems at the time (a long time ago), when the computer ran out of resources. I would test the PDF on a second computer, just to see, if the problem follows the computer.

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                        Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                        When text changes to different characters or font families from how it appears in native document, to how it appears in a pdf, this could be due to character mapping during the pdf creation. And your PDF does have a character mapping anomaly.


                        The Bookman Oldstyle shows twice in Font Properties with both ANSI and CID encoding. The multiple encodings mean there could be multiple versions of Bookman on system, or from a different source, like a different Bookman used in a graphic.


                        The CID encoding could be there is a glyph used that is not in the standard character map, and requires a larger encoding CID.


                        What you can try: export PDF with no font subsetting. Do this in PDF export window > Advanced > Subset font when percent... Make this 0%.


                        You can also try printing a postscript file and distilling.


                        And, when examining your PDF, the numeral "4" throughout the PDF is incorrect as well.

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                          bilglas Level 1

                          Thanks very much! I'm saving all notes, suggestions and explanations, which I will delve into, should this ever happen again. I've created thousands of PDFs from InDesign, and this is the first time I've ever noticed it. And ... once I reset those two lines of text and Saved As ... problem's gone. Couldn't replicate it intentionally if I wanted to.


                          I'll consider this resolved and answered, and thanks very much for your help!.


                          HOWEVER: You've said that the numeral "4" is incorrect throughout my PDF. If you're looking at the PDF that I uploaded, and if the 4's look wrong to you, you're seeing something I'm not seeing ... they look okay to me! Or did I misunderstand you?