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    Duplicate Character Styles when Syncing documents in Indesign


      I need to change the names of my Character Styles. when I change them and I sync it duplicates the file and the sync new and old names. When I try to erase the original on the synced files the new ones are not connected to the styles.


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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          That will always be a problem (and a solution for other users). If the synchronisation detects different named styles they are added. That's why I recommend, when you name styles do following:

          1. Name styles never to their graphic specifics, like font, size, color, etc. as it would cause additional work with renaming styles after changing the property.
          2. Name styles according their function, like H1, H2, P, etc, or em, en-us, de-at, etc.
          3. Keep the names short, so you remember them easier and you will see them in every dialog, as many dialogs are short.
          4. Name the styles in all documents with the same name, as it makes it easier to exchange content and adapt the formatting to the host document. And as in your case, it makes it way easier to synchronize styles in a INDB book file.
          5. Avoid extended characters, spaces and slashes, as it makes it easier to write content out of data bases and work together with XML workflows.
          6. I like to use lean to the HTML naming, which helps me to define the formatting for EPUBs better. If I have different styles for a similar level I choose to name them similar to classes, like P.intro or H1.new_page