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    quizzing: providing feedback AND allowing retry

      New to the forums, I am using Captivate 3 to make a tutorial. I ask questions sprinkled throughout the slides. I am not interested in reporting their scores, so this could be considered more auto-tutorial than quiz-like.

      I would like to create M/C questions where I provide different feedback for *each* of the incorrect answers. (It's more work, but instructionally it makes sense.) AND I want users to be able to "try again" if they got the answer wrong.

      Is it possible to do both? So far I can only seem to do one OR the other!

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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi there str8shot

          I believe you got your answers to the "different feedbacks" in another post, so I will only answer the 2nd one. Yes, you can combuine the 2 options pretty easily.
          Select the "Options" tab in the MC dialogue and set failure attempts to infinite. this should force the slide to stay put until the correct answer is selected irrespective of the number of incorrect attempts.

          Hope It helps


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            I was doubtful, because I think I had already tried every combination of settings, but I tried what you suggested and here is what I experienced.

            I started a new project, added just one question slide. I was able to give different feedback for each answer. A user can keep clicking on the answers until they get it right, and then they continue on. So, this works.

            Then I added a slide AFTER the question slide so that I could continue the project.

            The project no longer worked as I had expected. A user answers the question incorrectly, gets feedback, but then on any next click, the slide advances to the next slide. I double-checked and both the Quiz Prefs and the Slide itself are set to infinite attempts.

            Is there some place I am missing a setting?

            Thanks for any assistance on this.
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              jojolina Level 1
              Hi there again str8shot

              Just confirm that that the options for "if user answers incorrectly" has the "infinite attempts" check box ticked. If this is so, then we get nasty and instead of using the "infinite" option allow the user more attempts than the possible wrong answers. E.g. there are 7 possible answers, then set allowable wrong attempts to 10.

              Hopefully this will work.

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                I discovered the solution to my problem.
                To recap, I wanted a M/C question that allowed users to try as many times as they wanted, and to look at the wrong answer feedback even if they got the answer correct. I was successful once, and thereafter experienced much difficulty. I tried flipping every setting in the question, the advanced tabs, the quiz prefs, etc.

                Turns out, when I output to Flash 8 everything works great.
                But it wasn't working because I had left the default Flash 7 for output, and so the quizzing did not work AT ALL as expected.

                Thanks for help on this subject. I hope I saved someone else some time in case they run into the same problem!