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    Align and distribute various image frames

    Sue Spahn

      Hi Everyone,


      Thank you all in advance.


      I work at a newspaper. The newspaper page is 19.75" tall x 11.125" wide. The newspaper page is broken up in 8 columns, each column is 1.281" wide and there is a .125" gutter between each column.


      I have a script that draws image boxes and places the PDF ads inside these image boxes.


      What I am hoping to do is have a script or some tool that will flow these image boxes (ads) in a collage onto the newspaper page. Making them fit into the pages as tightly with .125" between the top and bottom of each ad. Ideally it would place the larger ads on the bottom of the page and smaller ads As the ads stack up the page.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you!