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    Printers can't find Pantone value.

    Havharo Level 1

      Dear friends,


      Can I ask for your help please?

      I was asked to provide a Pantone colour value to the printers. So I've found this PANTONE 2322 C - find a PANTONE Color beautiful colour. Unfortunately, I was told they were not able to find it in their book...


      I was asked by a friend in my office to look into her book "Pantone Color guide for Fashion & Home" as the printers are using the same. So I've provided them with the value found in the book which should work.


      Unfortunately, I'm not able to find these values in the Ai. This makes me confused even more. I thought that Pantone Colour Bridge would suffice. However, in these books I can't see anywhere values like "19-1218 TPX" which can be found in "Pantone Color guide for Fashion & Home


      Can someone explain to me which book should I use for print design?


      Thank you kindly in advance,




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          jdanek Level 4

          I hear in the pipeline that Adobe does not supply Pantone color libraries.  That leads users to buy Pantone swatch library reference books and then download Pantone's Color Manager which will allow users to install the latest libraries into their current applications.  So, at a minimum, you should consider buying Pantone's Solid-to-Process reference fanbook, plus the "Bridge +Series".  Pantone will then give you the ability to access their Color Manager application.  I myself prefer to reference color from Pantone's printed reference guides because color can be deceptively different on the computer monitor.