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    LR CC 2015.5

    PhotogCda Level 1

      Have had to do a factory reset on my laptop.  It's running Win8.  Trying to reinstall LR CC.  Getting the U44M1P7 error.  Have tried the file renaming and uninstall/reinstall as suggested in the Adobe help document, "Installation failed" error U44M1P7 with Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Creative Suite 6 updates . The direct download that was suggested here, How to Solve It When Adobe Programs or Updates Won’t Download | ProDesignTools.  The direct download link is for an older version of CC and, it seems, is no longer available.  There are no direct download links for the latest version, apparently.  There is no Adobe Download folder in the location of the log file noted here, Troubleshoot Adobe Creative Cloud install issues with log files


      Thoughts appreciated.