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    grain and noise

    ruthb92651827 Level 1

      Feeling discouraged this morning with an inbox full of rejections.  The reason for rejecting this photo was grain and noise.   I'm baffled because it was shot at a relatively low ISO and looks just fine on my iMac.  What do you see? P1160969-2ADOBE.jpg

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          @Ruth Bergen Braun,


          Thanks for writing and for sharing your photo. I think we might have gotten this one wrong. I checked the file at full resolution and it looks great to me. I have overruled the rejection and put the image online. Keep more content coming!


          Kind regards,


          Mat Hayward

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            ruthb92651827 Level 1

            Thank you, Mat.  I have no idea how the acceptance/rejection process works.  I also had this one rejected for exposure issues.  I have printed and framed this file as is and so was surprised at the rejection for that reason.  Was the reviewer wishing for more DOF?   P1100391-1I.jpg