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    Linux FC10 Adobe Flash 10 Print problem

      In Linux FC10, I cannot successfully print a Flash-document on my Epson Stylus D120 Printer.
      For instance, on the following site, with the right mouse button, I am able to make a print the map.
      Then you will see a map, which is an Adobe Flash Player 10 document, which is installed:
      Name : flash-plugin
      Arch : i386
      Version :
      The print copy is printed with big steps in a big speed, so the result is a low resolution with black matrix points, and bad readable.
      Trying to solve the problem, I did search more printer configurations, e.g. in
      http:////localhost:631/ CUPS
      but not successfully.
      Hoping the problem is clear and good understandable.
      Many thanks in advance for each answer,
      Gaston Verhulst.