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    In an InDesign form, highlighting the text area on rollover


      Im trying to create a new form ( i'm new to this), and what I want to do is a form that was pretty simple. I've added the fields in the test document, set the fonts and etc.

      My difficulty is that, having no underline in the areas to be filled as a form, i wanted to do an action that would highlight the (text) area when you mouseover and dissapear when you click so you can type and get no color in the final PDF save or print. This way and without underling half document people could know where to click to fill the form.


      Basically the action that works perfectly when you create a button, you can mouseover and highlight and turn it (background) white when you click. But that way you can´t type, and i tried defining the actions as a button and then change it to "text field" and it didn't work.


      Any advice from the masters, thank you in advance!