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    copy/paste text flow errors

    capitaine canada

      I am looking at a lot of patents, and am copying and pasting text from their 2-column format with Acrobat Pro XI (Lenovo E530 laptop running Win 7), and noticed errors with the text flow in the text files I created.  Specifically, I discovered that sometimes when I copied a chunk of text from the left column, I would get bits of the left and right columns interspersed, e.g. lines 1-25 copied from col 1, then 1-45 from col 2, then 25-60 from col 1, etc.


      Here are a couple images to show what gets selected when I select only from the left column when it works correctly (text highlighted only in the left column, as desired):

      text correctly selected.png

      and incorrectly (text highlighted in both columns):

      text incorrectly selected.png

      The resulting pasted text is a mess per above, making further work with the text pretty much useless.  Some pages/documents have this issue, and some don't, so I suspect it may originate in the creation of the document.


      I have found that saving the doc as a plain text file gets rid of many but not all of the text flow errors.  I'm wondering if anybody has encountered this issue, and/or has any suggestions for resolving this issue.


      Many thanks for your input in advance!