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    Why were these three images declined?


      Hello, and thanks for your input in advance.


      I'm new, and learning (aren't we all). Getting good acceptance so far--and got two sales in my first week. But here are three images that were declined, and I need to know why more specifically so I don't do it again--at, at best, a way to make these three images acceptable.


      Image #1: Declined for Model Release. But the boy's head is turned. You can't see his face.

      Image #2: Declined for Out of focus. Where? I went into it at over 200%, and can't see the softness--more than that caused by the extreme zoom-in, that is.

      Image #3: Declined for Technical Reasons. What technical reasons? Category too general to be of any use in my future considerations. Plus, I have more similar images in this series and don't want to keep doing the "wrong" thing.


      Thank you again.

      Small boy_guidance_curious_seeking_V6A2821 copy.jpg

      Cavalry horseman, statue, Revolutionary War, monument, Valley Forge, 2013_3986.jpg


      Wooden footbridge in forest_MG_7758 copy.jpg

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Thank you for writing. The first image you definitely need a model release for. Even though you can't see the entire face of the child, he is clearly identifiable. You will be better off to err on the side of caution and obtain a model release if it's even a slight possibility the person can be recognized.


          The 2nd image, if it's sharp at 100% the moderator could have selected the wrong rejected reason. Reviewing images is a subjective process so you may find different opinions. Personally, I'm not crazy about the general composition of the image. I also feel the statue is a bit underexposed and the sky is a funky, unnatural color. I don't see this as having much potential for stock unfortunately.


          The last image..again, this is a subjective process. I feel the overall image is not appealing. The image in general appears to be a bit muddy and needs some more pop. Ask yourself what a customer would buy that image for.


          I hope you find better success with your future uploads.


          -Mat Hayward

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            2goofycats Level 1



            Thanks very much for the clarification and critique.




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