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    CSH is broken in Firefox because ">>" is converted to "%3E%3E"

    agreenseth Level 1



      I found slightly similar issues when I searched the forum. However, none of them appeared to match my specific issue.


      I am using RoboHelp 2015 and the latest version of Firefox.


      We have page-level CSH in one of our products. When using Firefox, clicking the page-level Help links opens the Help window. However, it is blank. This does not occur in IE or Chrome.


      The Developers noted the following problem:


      Take for example our Views.htm topic.


      The following line causes a problem:

      var nPos = location.hash.indexOf(">>");


      In Chrome, location.hash has the following value:



      In Firefox, the same line has the same value, only encoded as follows:



      The Developers have come up with a "quick and dirty" fix, but it would have to be applied each time we push the Help system to one of our environments.


      Can anyone help?


      Thanks in advance!


      Ann Greenseth