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    Run flash server-side

      Does someone know if running flash server-side is possible (or if such a product exists) ? In a few words, we run a website showing plots with Flash. For many reasons (essentially reporting), we would like to export the serialized objects and recreate vectorial graphics server-side... Is it possible? Is there a special product for that purpose?
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          senortim Level 1
          I guess I don't understand. Are you generating the graphs with Flash or just using Flash to display an image?

          There are lots of tools for generating graphics server-side (having nothing to do with Flash). And if that's the case, why not create a Flash movie that lets you index through your archive, rather than creating separate SWFs for each?
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            Thank you for your answer.The graph is generated with Flash.

            I know it could seem a strange question indeed. The idea is to build vectorial graphics without having to redevelop the client logic and include the result into a pdf report (with a tool like alivepdf).

            One of the aim is to avoid to include all these pdf libraries in the client to keep it light.