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    Creating a Video and Synchronized Slideshow

      Hi there. I am creating a video and slide show project that will play a presentation and a synchronized slide show. It will be about 20 minutes long and contain about 20-30 slides.

      What I have done so far is create a Flash File and re-sized the document to be big enough to hold both the video and the slides (which are not is a picture format). I added the video by selecting "Import Video" and added the slides by selecting "Import to stage."

      The video is on one layer, and the slides are all bundled together on another layer. I have taken the "slides" and stretched them out so be the length I need them to be displayed before they switch to the next slide in synchronization.

      My problem is that I have my project set at 12fps and with 20 minutes of video, I have to drag the pictures waaaaaaaaaaay far to the right to get them in the right position. I am thinking there has got to be an easier way to do this. I would love for the 20 minutes of video to fit into the timeline in one screen width. In other words, is there a way to change the scale of the timeline from fps to minutes?