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    Browsing Bridge from After effects


      I am learning after effects and have got to the section in "Classroom in a book" which deals with browsing in Bridge by clicking "Browse in Bridge". I have the latest versions of both After effects CC and Bridge CC installed. However, when I try to browse in Bridge from After effects bridge comes up  and I am able to navigate to the folder I wish (in this case text animations) but then Bridge freezes solid or I might get a notice that After Effects does not recognise these files (.ffx extension) and the only way I can unfreeze bridge is to use the force quit option. What is wrong?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For the last several versions AE and Bridge have not played very well together. If your CC apps are all up to date and you are still having problems then your system has a bug probably caused by some fouled up text in one of the AE user library files. Personally I don't think it's worth the time to try and sort it out. You will find that it is much faster to just use the Effects and Presets panel and read the descriptions of the presets, then test them in AE. I find that every one of the Animation presets that come with AE are just a convent starting place. I've never used on on any job without doing some fairly serious modifications. I still use a few of them as a starting point, but once you figure out how text animation work you'll be better off and work faster by just applying one of the presets that kind of is what you want and then after pressing the U key twice to reveal all modified properties of the text layer, you can fiddle with the settings and even add more animators to get the effects you want.

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            fgpic Level 1

            Thanks for the answer. I do not have the knowledge to go hunting coding mistakes and your solution seems to work. I use Bridge a lot simply as a file viewer and I like it for this purpose in conjunction with Photoshop and Illustrator where it works well so until I am told the problem is fixed by an update I shall follow your advice with After Effects. Thanks again. Regards Frank Gibson