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    Extensions manager not recognizing InDesign

    NIRC Level 1

      The Extensions Manager for CC does not recognize my sole CC program: InDesign. I was advised to uninstall and reinstall it. I did so, rebooting after each step. Then I tried again. No luck.

        I was then advised to use the "Removing Creative Cloud Cleaner tool" to remove Extensions Manager AND InDesign CC, instructing it to remove all preferences. I did this and rebooted. But Extension Manager still has no items in it. When I opened InDesign, I found my sole "extension" program was still showing up on the menu, so I removed it from its location. It still shows up. The only way to disable the extension is to first open it, but it will not open, even though I manually reinstalled it following the instructions of the company (MultiFind/Change).

      It has been some time without an answer, so I am reposting the question.