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    Lightroom Mobile - need to re-enter user name and password each time I use.


      I'm finding it fairly frustrating that each time I open Lightroom Mobile on my iPad, or want to sync photos via the desktop application, I have to re-enter my user name and password.


      I use a password generated by Lastpass and so would not be able to memorise it, therefore every time I want to sync photos I have to first click on the identity plate and select sync photos, then open Firefox, open Lastpass, find my Adobe login, copy the user name and paste it into Lightroom, then copy the password and paste it into Lightroom. I'm not presented with an option to remember my details for next time.


      It's rather irritating that I need to do this when almost all other software that requires login (Steam, Office etc) simply remembers your details so you don't have to reenter them each time. Even Lightroom itself as it's only Lightroom Mobile I have to sign in each time to, I don't need to sign into CC each time, it remembers that sign-in.


      Also, how come, since my Lightroom Mobile account is just a part of my CC account, do I need to sign in to mobile when I'm already signed into CC?


      It's the same with the iPad app, with the exception that I can't access Lastpass from my iPad (you have to pay for mobile access, it's now Lastpass make their money) so for example, yesterday I decide to sync some photos so that I can work on a project while I'm out. I get to where I'm going, open LR Mobile, am asked for my password, I don't know it and therefore can't do the work I'd intended to do.


      Is it not possible for Adobe to do with Lightroom Mobile what every other software developer (including Adobe with other applications) does and have a checkbox to remember my details?