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    Troubles with the latest version of lightroom?.


      I am a Concertphotograper , so i work mostly in low light situations.


      I pay montly , so i have allways the latest version available...My camera is the newest Canon 5D MRK 4 and the RAW version is a week ago implemented.

      But i think it does not work properly .

      I can add the pictures to lightroom but when i do i have a lot of noise. Even at ISO 1000!. With my new camera i should not see noise even with 5000 ISO

      Its strange , on de back of my camera the pictures look very sharp en look more then oke.....Maybe this is a Corrupt Raw?

      So maybe i have to delete this version and download it again?. Or maybe is there another solution?....Whit my older camera 6D , i have never a problem, but that was de lichtroom version before the update.

      In JPEG it looks also a lot better


      I hope anyone help me , whit a link or great advice ,

      Lightroom Classic CC — The desktop-focused app

      Thanks a lot...