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    Pagenumber for quotings


      I'm using adobe digital edition on a Windows Surface Pro 4.


      I've bought a e-book in connection with my studies. I'm at the end of the semester and need to write my paper for exam, but i can not find the page numbers, so that i can quote correctly from the authors of the book.


      I have tried turning page numbers on and of in the reading menu of digital edition and tried using the shortcut ctrl+shift+H, but i either can't se the pagenumbers (where are they supposed to show?) or they don't show.


      How do i get the page numbers from the book to show, so that i can quote correctly? because the X OF Y page finder that is at the bottom of the reader, changes accordingly to which size EPUB-text you choose, so that i cannot use.


      Please help me quickly i need to turn in my paper no later than monday the 3/10/2016