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    D500 files not imported by LR 6.4?

    chuxterchuxter Level 1

      PC, WIn 10 Home 64-bit, 16GB, 2TB...


      I just got a D500 and when I tried to import NEF files to LR 6.4 via the SD card, it does not show any preview images in the grid. When I actually import, the activity bar in the upper-left looks like it is doing something. Then I get an error message:


      "The files cannot be opened by Lightroom"


      I looked in the SD card via File Explorer and the files look the right size.


      I tried loading one of the images w/ Elements 14.1 and after declining the offer to rent CC, it successfully loaded the NEF file.


      Is there a fix for LR 6.4 that will let me load D500 NEF images?