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    LR 2015.7 - All Synced Photographs: Leftovers pictures




      I'm having an issue since the latest 2015.7 update of Lightroom.


      Priori to this release, my workflow for syncing photos with LR mobile (as i guess most of all your users do) was as follow:


      Create a dedicate collection with the "sync with lightroom mobile" option turned on, lets call it "Synced"

      Set this collection as Target Collection (so i can have the 'B' hotkey mapped)

      Wander around my folders and collections and hit B key to have the photo added to the Synced collection.

      Until this step, everything is working fine.


      The problem lies here:

      In case i want to "unsync"a photo, i used to browse my "Synced" collection, hit B again, and the photo is removed from this collection and from LR mobile.

      As of the latest update, performing the same operation (B key) the photo will be removed from the target collection, but will remain in the "All synced photographs" leading to duplicates and tedious work to be done.


      I'm okey with ditching the dedicated "Synced" collection and handle everything through the "All Synced Photograph" Catalog, if i have been given the opportunity to map this Catalog to an hotkey, but i didn't manage to make it happen.


      Anyone is experiencing the same problem?

      IS this the intended behaviour or something got broken with the latest update?

      Does anyone came up with a solution for this ?


      Thanks in advance for the help.

      Best Regards