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    Animation Path Troubles...

    TommyDAQ-Bates Level 2

      Trying to create a Path Animation, but it's not working.  I understand the easy way to do this is to create a mask path, cut the path and paste it into the object's Position property.   However, my layer already has a mask, so when i create the second mask path, and cut it and paste it, it's constantly pasting in as a mask, even if I have the Position property selected.


      A bit more detail:

      There is a PSD layer w/ several seeds flying in the wind from a tree. I need to animate these.  In AE, I've duplicated the layer numerous times (one for each seed) and isolated the seed w/ a mask shape, and recentered the layer anchor point to the center of the seed.  Once all of those layers have been separated (12 seed layers w/ one seed per layer). I've tried adding a mask path to a seed layer.  I've cut the mask path, selected the layer's position property and pasted the mask path, but it pastes in as a new mask - every time...


      Please help!  What am i missing???