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    AE Looping with RAM Preview Confusion


      Hi All,


      So I use AE all the time creating idents etc etc.


      However when I used it alongside premiere it has limited my playback preview to around 1 second, no matter what settings i change within the Preview Tab or allocating more ram its no use.


      I am more confused if anything. initially when you open the project and hit space, it will play the whole ident, but then on a start and stop of the preview it will go to 1 second loops.


      I have read up on the preview playback settings, and it baffles me as to what could be causing this issue.


      Fire me your help if you have a moment spare.




      System Specs:

      i5 2500k

      HD 7970 3GB DDR5

      16GB Ram

      8TB of HDD Space