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    Variable content saved to PDF / Modifiable by the user. Possible?

    vanetc Level 1

      So company A wants to send a PDF with variable products to company B. They would like to have 5 or 6 different products listed in a menu of some kind - drop-down? - that employees at company B could select, and then save out printable / e-mailable PDFs that are populated with an image and text for each of the products the company B employees selected. Also, the menu used to select the products would no longer be visible in these final versions. (The final versions would then be sent out to all company B employees.)


      I have Googled this 6 ways from Sunday, and come up empty. InDesign does have variable text features, but that doesn't seem to do quite what the above describes. Anything I have found that comes close seems to have folks suggesting custom scripts. So here I am! Do any of you think my scenario is even possible? And if so, could someone (like me) who has never attempted scripting make this happen?


      Thanks so much for any thoughts you can toss my way!