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    Best way to remove noise and artifacts.


      So i have been selling stock for a bit over a year now. I'm on multiple sites and for the most part have had a good experience. However I would say when I get rejections one of the most common has been for having noise or artifacts. I have used lightroom and photoshop to try and fix this problem. I haven't been able to really track which works best so I was just wondering what every one else has had success with. How do you choose to sharpen as much as possible while still removing as much grain as you can? What works best for you? Maybe there is another program I have not heard of. I just really want to get more of my work accepted because I really do enjoy shooting stock but man it hurts to waste tons of time on an image to have it rejected over noise.

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          The most ideal method is to reduce the noise captured in the first place. How much noise you get in your images will depend on the ISO settings and what camera you are using. As a general rule of thumb, the lower the ISO the lower the noise. Newer cameras are producing relatively noise free images at higher ISO settings but whenever possible, use the lowest ISO you can get away with while keeping your images sharp.


          To specifically answer your question, I have used Neatimage in the past and found some success. Others have praised Noise Ninja. I think the noise reduction feature in Lightroom should do the trick though. If it's an excessively noisy image to begin with, it's going to be an uphill battle to get the file clean enough for acceptance regardless of how you remove the noise.



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            I have just received 2 rejections for having noise or artifacts.
            I am very surprised about that. One of the picture has been taken at 200 Iso with no grain & post production (except highlights down in Lightroom from the raw file). I really would like ton understand your criteria to avoid that rejection.

            Is the file analyzed by human or computers? Can I submit the photo one more time if I think there is a misunderstanding?



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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              Without the image number it's difficult for me to speculate. Artifacts isn't specific to noise, there could be dust spots from your sensor or any other unintended objects that result in this rejection. To answer your specific questions, the images are reviewed by actual human beings, not computers. If you are not able to identify and correct a specific, tangible issue that you feel may have caused the initial rejection, please do not resubmit the file.


              Kind regards,


              Mat Hayward

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                JLFRISEE Level 1

                Thank you for your quick reply Mat. The concerned picture is File ID: 122251027, that would help me to understand better and not submit similar pictures.

                Kind regards,



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                  MatHayward Adobe Employee

                  Thanks for the image number Jean-Louis. It's a cool photo but there is definitely an issue with excessive noise when viewing at 100%


                  At first glance it appears this is an HDR image created with one file. Is that correct? If so, it is a great technique to use for a cool effect but a significant side effect can be excessive noise. If the buildings and bird were underexposed in the original file then brought up to proper exposure in post that can create the noise you see.


                  Even images captured at a low ISO can have noise. If you zoom in on the shadows at 100% you should be able to see what I am referring to.


                  Thanks for the post and good luck with your future submissions!



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                    JLFRISEE Level 1

                    Thank you Mat for this constructive answer.