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    ExtendScript Find() methods - FS_FindCustomizationFlags constants

    Russ Ward Level 4



      While attempting to do Find operations with ExtendScript, FM2015, I find that the documented constants for FS_FindCustomizationFlags do not resolve. From the doc:


      Constant.FS_FindCustomizationFlags (15) - An optional parameter of type FT_Integer that may be any of the following bit flags OR’ed together:

      • Constants.FF_FIND_CONSIDER_CASE (0x01)

      • Constants.FF_FIND_WHOLE_WORD (0x02)

      • Constants.FF_FIND_USE_WILDCARDS (0x04)

      • Constants.FF_FIND_BACKWARDS (0x08)


      For example, this just reports "undefined":




      I worked around it by specifying the hex integer directly, but I'm wondering if I'm just missing something. And FWIW, I originally bumped into this looking for a way to search with regular expressions. I found this in the FDK fapidefs.h file, which fortunately allowed me to get it to work:


      #define FF_FIND_USE_REGEX   ((IntT)   0x10)