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    After Effects  Subfolders


      Hey there hope you could help me.

      First of all sorry for my bad english  it isnt my native language. 

      Then..  Im really new with AE  and  i just wonderd about that  even when i want to export a project  with the media encoder  AE  creates a subfolder in the folder i made for my Project with has the Name  nameoftheproject_AME   inside there is the project (a second identical one)  and the exported file.

      I dont need that extra subfolder pls tell me how to fix it

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          I feel your pain!  that's the way it is when you export your AE Composition Via Composition->Add to AME Queue or drag and drop to AME. here is what you can do about it:


          1. if you import your Composition in AME via File->Import AE composition, the default location will be in where your aep project is saved. so no new folder. the downside is that it's a slow process with a few steps.  I never use this option, though it's nice to know have access to your Ae Compositions through AME without opening Ae.


          2. in 2015.3 you now have the option to do it differently with Queue in AME Button in the Render Queue. now the location will be the one that you set in the render queue. also the render settings will be the ones you set in your Composition. what a relief!


          a detailed explanation about the AME folder and other aspects of it's behavior in these tutorials:


          AME vs AE prior to 2015.3: see from 09:00



          Queue in AME which I use now all the time - see from 02:54