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    Slideshow thumbnails not staying centered at smaller widths


      Hi there!


      Right now I have two breakpoints at 890 and 1280px.

      My thumbnails are perfectly centered at exactly 890, 1280, and above 1280. From 1280 to 890,  and 890 and below, the thumbs migrate to the right (seemingly centered on the 1280?) They snap to the middle at 890.


      I have the same breakpoints on my master page.

      My smart guides indicate that the thumbnails are centered (and should stay centered!), but all that goes out the window when I shrink the browser.


      I have looked at a few other forum questions that have this issue and don't seem to work for my situation.

      When I download and open a muse file with a slideshow that says it is fixed or create a completely separate file with a new slideshow, the issue is still there.


      I'm really puzzled! Does anybody have solutions?